Greetings and thank you for checking in! We are thrilled about the new Earth Surface People album being out in the world. The album release event at Cahokia, a Indigenous women led social collective in Phoenix, was a big success. It was wonderful to see the turnout and response to the performance that took place there. A video document is being prepared of the event for future sharing. Earth Surface People have some performance in the Southwest this summer, check them out if you can.

The first single off of Matthew O’Neill’s new album is out on all streaming platforms and available with preorder of the album on Bandcamp, it’s called ‘Higher Calling’ and speaks through sound and lyric to the interconnectedness of all life. The album comes out August 18. It creates a world with cumbia and meditative grooves while representing what are called the ‘Original Instructions” through song. He plays Tubby’s 7/22 and album release shows in September.

Plans are in the works for a benefit event for the Akwesasne Freedom School on October 8th in 2022. Mark your calendar! We will have Indigenous performers and speakers representing and helping to raise funds for this amazing school. AFS is an exemplary example of how (Mohawk) language immersion schooling can maintain cultural resilience and restoration for the future, while simultaneously providing for community needs in ways that are in accordance with the Longhouse tradition. The health of the Akwesasne community contributes to all of our health, as they maintain ways of life essential for positive future. There will me incredibly talented musicians, wisdom keepers, and a children’s flute making and sound walk experience offered. The event will take place at White Feather Farm

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