Music is meant to be far more than just entertainment. Songs have the capacity to carry wisdom and regenerative powers. Underwater Panther Coalition presents music for decolonization and indigenization. We aim to be of service in restoring music and sounds’ central role for functioning, resilient and regenerative culture woven deeply in connection to all life. Music and listening should have the capacity to honor the sacred, and embody medicine, healing, knowledge, wisdom, and humor. Song-centered culture rooted in the original instructions that openly encounters the present is necessary to create positive futures, as an expression of Mother Earth and contemporary situatedness. 

     All life, the great diversity we find ourselves embedded in, is in communication through sound. Auditory perception is directly related to what we know about the world and how we encounter the world. Our listening practices and music making practices are in need of special attention. Music defines us and provides ways to transcend and permeate boundaries between human and non-human kin. We can renew our understanding of sound and music as ways for creating worldviews and simultaneously fight to maintain intact Indigenous music traditions’ right to be sustained.  The newest album from Earth Surface People represents the power and beauty of restoring pride and truth into contemporary music. Dakota Yazzie’s generation is creating art from a restored sense of self and community that shines impressively into the future while deeply acknowledging the recent history of genocidal policies inflicted on his people’s culture. It is a testament to the power and resilience of Indigenous traditions’ ability to survive and thrive in the face of violence and oppression. 

    Check out the first single off the great new album from Earth Surface People, a Diné led music collective. Feel the connection and pride that is so beautifully articulated and expressed in the production. Link on our homepage…

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