The regenerative powers of Mother Earth are all around and within us. Through sound we can access fresh energetic currents and wisdom, our listening practices can create reciprocity in thanks giving and help us to grow in resilience. Listen deeply and worlds emerge to greet you and offer relationship. When soundscapes weave into new music our access to the beauty of the moment can be greatly enhanced.

It is our pleasure to announce that nihook​á​á​ʼ diyin dine​ʼ​é the debut full length album from Earth Surface People is out weaving into our worlds. The record doing very well. The band has been playing great live and rapidly growing their fanbase. The album is available for order on bandcamp and in select records stores. The response has been incredible but not surprising. Support this great band and their community by purchasing the record or high quality digital download. This is a limited release.

Stay well and we’ll be back soon with more to share ~

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