About UPC

Music Per THE Original Instructions

Our Mission

Underwater Panther Coalition was created to represent Indigenous voices, musical ontologies, and to honor Mother Earth. We are here to amplify and support Indigenous artists and their communities. Underwater Panther Coalition seeks to improve people’s connection to Mother Earth through curated musical projects. Our main focus is to support Indigenous ways of being. We believe that a shift back / forward to the paradigm of connection and interrelation with all of creation is necessary to create positive regenerative futures and worldviews in accordance with natural law.

Our Vision

Our intention is to be in the service of Mother Earth through music. By releasing projects based on time-honored traditions of gratitude, respect, and reverence, the coalition will generate renewed connections to Mother Earth, cultural cosmologies, and current issues. We present music from Indigenous communities to a wider audience. We embrace the importance of spirit in music-making and the importance of music for reciprocity with Mother Earth. The coalition also invites artists to lean into their relationship with the natural world in a way that may be provocatively outside their own creative norms. We encourage collaboration.

Our name

Underwater Panther is a creature of Anishinaabe story who is said to live in and protect the Great Lakes and what is called Lake Superior in particular. We honor the deep roots of ancestral cultural knowledge regarding this creature. We appreciate the idea of Underwater Panther sinking copper mining ships, and hold this creature in high regard.

Indigenous voices

We seek to respect and amplify Indigenous voices through selective album releases and community building.

Music’s Role

We honor the original instructions and music’s central role in living them through.